Recover and repair files you accidentally erased from your PC


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You've probably deleted files from your PC by accident more than once. Either because you thought you had an extra backup saved somewhere else or because you emptied your trash can a moment too soon. Thankfully, there's a clear solution to this modern-day predicament. Luckily enough, ApowerRecover allows you to recover any document you deleted -by accident or on purpose- in a quick and easy way that requires little technical skill.

With its simplified interface, ApowerRecover lets any user make the most of its performance from day one. No need for how-tos or guide books. Recovering any document you deleted by accident is as simple as selecting the file format you're looking for, the location it was deleted from and clicking on 'next' to let the retrieving process begin automatically. In a matter of minutes, you'll get a list of documents that match your criteria and that you can restore with just the click of a button.

ApowerRecovery can also help you with any documents that have been deleted from a hard drive or pendrive and any format; from images or basic texts all the way to e-mail files.

Retrieve practically any file from any device and stop worrying about losing information or quality (on videos or images). ApowerRecovery is one of the best file recovering tools in the market.
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